Web Design & Development

We can help you create your website and provide training for content management system so you can keep your website updated.

Website Benefits:
Website Marketing, Interactive Maps, Blogs, Photo Gallery, eMail Newsletters, Power eMail Accounts
Outstanding Results, Subscibers, Monthly Google Analytics, training for DIY (do-it-yourself) updates and much more!

Website Hosting:
The Marketer offers an affordable website hosting solution through TownLife an easy-to-use website editor designed to give you an amazing interactive website.

Themes: The are 3 methods of customizing websites through TownLife

1. Choose a Theme and modify yourself using Custom CSS in the CMS (usually done by our webmaster team)
2. Choose a Theme and have it customized by our Design Team
    (may include creating a unique home page style and layout along with custom headings and colors just depends on your budget)
3. Create a whole new Theme
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Attention Non-profits: You may qualify for a Free Community Website. Check out www.BasilianMuseum.ca to see a sample of a free community website with quality web design by The Marketer. Contact us to see if you qualify.

Social Media Development

Did you know Facebook has over 1 billion monthly active users?
Are you one of them? If not, you need to get online! We will help you get setup on Facebook and Twitter and train you to be successful with your social media marketing.

For beginners or more advanced users we can assist you with:
- Online Marketing/Strategic Plans
- Custom Page and Content Creation
- Engagement and increase Follower Base
- Sustainability Plans
- Maintenance, Consulting and Training

Call Jolene for more information at 780-632-6191 or 1-888-632-8755.