Marketing/Advertising Campaigns & Consulting

Our marketing assistance is available to help you increase the impact of your promotional efforts.

• Market Research, Analysis (Situation Analysis, SWOT, Product and Price Analysis),
  Planning, Recommendations & Implementation to help you reach your target market
• Branding & Competitiveness
• Facilitating Focus Groups
• Partnership Opportunities with other operators and tourism organizations
• Developing & Co-ordinating Events & Projects
• Ag & Culinary Tourism Specialists
• Tourism & Economic Development
• Campground Development, Marketing & Enhancements

Listed below are just some of the examples of Destination Marketing, Product Development and Event Marketing:

One of the most successful avenues for destination marketing is the official Travel Guide to East Central Alberta (formerly Kalyna Guide) now rebranded to GO EAST GUIDE, created and published by The Marketer.

youtube_logo_standard_againstwhite-vflKoO81__thumb  Video Production - Check out our videos promoting the region.
YouTube Channel:
If you would like to promote your event, business or attraction online contact us for rates. We can use live footage or still photos and create something that viewers will enjoy to watch and definitely want to come and visit East Central Alberta!

Summer Staycation Promotion
Print Media Promotion - Tourism Solutions partnered with five businesses / communities and ran a half page ad in the Summer Staycation campaign through five Sun Media newspapers in the Edmonton Region. This promotion was very successful!

Gourmet Affair
From 2008 - 2010, Kevin assisted in the success of Dine Kalyna - a local food event and one of Alberta's most prestigious dining events. Featuring 100% local food, celebrity chefs, and culinary marketplace during the Vegreville Country Fair. The event is now hosted by the Vegreville Agricultural Society and has been renamed to Gourmet Affair which was held Thursday, August 9, 2012. The fine dining event was a huge success! See for yourself in the Photo Gallery.

Local Food Events Workshops in partner with Alberta Agriculture
In February 2010 Kevin participated in workshops in Camrose and Brooks to help the tourism industry and abroad. On September 28, we worked with Alberta Agriculture to host a successful regional workshop at Red Feather Ridge near Vermilion. Over 25 people attended including producers, event organizers, Community Development and Tourism Officers. Feedback from this has been excellent. Other workshops took place in Drumheller & Buffalo, Alberta.